Best Time To Buy Small Appliances

If you want to change your old refrigerator, oven, buy small appliances that are completely different form the current, switch to gas cooktops, or simply said if you are ready for a complete kitchen remodeling, there is a time of the year when it is best to shop. While most of you are focusing on where to shop for new household appliances, it is time to focus on when to buy and get the best deals. We did a survey and wanted to share with you some tips from shopping experts about how to get the best bargains.


The best time to buy small appliances and major household appliances is September and October, when the new collection of models come in stores and the older models need to be cleared out. Generally speaking, you can expect discounts of 20% – 50% on dishwashers, electric or gas cooktops, stoves, washer/dryer sets, as well as kettles, coffee makers, juicers, mixers, soup/bread makers and so on. However, some retailers lower the prices on clearance models up to 90%, which means that you can renovate your kitchen with significantly small amount of money.

You also can avail from big discounts during the major sales in Australia – especially on Boxing Day, Big Day Out, as well as the sale on the Financial Year. You can also snap up on the Australian Black Friday that is observed every year on the Friday after the USA Thanksgiving Day. This year, Black Firday Australia is on November 27, 2015.

The experts reveal that the best time to buy new refrigerator is in May. This is because usually all manufacturers present new models during spring, so retailers tend to cut prices in May on models of previous collections up to 50%. And, to attract the customer’s interest in the latest appliance collections, new models often are with discount for up to 25%.

If you are thinking about an entire kitchen remodeling, May is a good month to get discounts on other appliances as well.
To sum it up, waiting for the right time of year to buy important kitchen appliances like dishwashers, refrigerators and many other small appliances can save you a bundle. Take advantage of the major Australian sales and renovate your entire home, not only a specific room with less money.

Tips & Tricks When Shopping On Big Sales Online

  • Do your research and find the best bargain.
  • Make sure the retailer ships to your area. This is essential thing to check before you get too excited over a deal.
  • Shop around. You might find a better bargain elsewhere.

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