Which Is The Best Juicer To Buy?

Juicers are available in many different types and in a wide range of prices. Lots of potential buyers have a hard time deciding which is the best juicer to buy, as it is an important and big investment. A juicer is a machine that uses raw fruits and vegetables to prepare a fresh juice with all the nutrients retained. If you have a glass of fresh juice from fruits and vegetables included in your daily diet, having a juicer is a reasonable investment. But with each juicer having its own use, capacity and function, it may be difficult to make your decision. Preparing a refreshing juice from your favourite fruits and vegetables is a breeze with one of the following juicers. Check these three models before you buy juicer.

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Magimix Le Duo XL – This stylish and ultra-modern juicer is definitely the most attractive model of this list. The Magimix Le Duo XL is a much improved version than the previous model, especially in terms of effectiveness and ease of use. This versatile juicer comes with two different attachments: a unique press for citrus, lemons and grapefruits and a spinning mesh extractor for hard fruits and vegetables. The Magimix Le Duo XL is available in black, satin and cream colour, so it can suit any kitchen’s style.

Kuvings WHOLE Slow Cold Press Juicer B6000 – For many years, Kuvings is the Australia’s most reliable juicer brand. One of its best juicers is the Kuvings B6000, a whole slow cold press juicer that is known for being the quietest juicer available in the Australian market. With a larger feeding tube than usual models, the Kuvings B6000 is able to fit whole apples, tomatoes, oranges and lemons. The whole slow juicer by Kuvings makes the preparing of juice easier than ever and it keeps more of the nutrients of all fruits and vegetables. For all those who want to buy juicer for daily use that makes no noise, Kuvings Whole Slow Cold Press Juicer B6000 is the ideal solution.

Omega Vert VRT350 – Omega Vert VRT350 is one of the most expensive, but most efficient masticating juicers you can find on the market. If you are looking to buy juicer for squeezing all sorts of fruits and vegetables, this is your best option. This revolutionary juicer is compact and highly productive, able to destroy the toughest and softest fruits and cause juice to degrade shortly after extraction. The fast Omega Vert VRT350 is able to prepare you a cold-pressed juice in a short period of time, requiring minimal efforts of you. Moreover, this juicer has an innovative auto cleaning system that keeps it clean during juicing.


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