How To Pick Quality Kitchen Sinks And Faucets

To create a kitchen space that makes everyday cooking chores easy and efficient, you need to select ovens, accessories, work surfaces as well as sinks and faucets that are quality and convenient. Since huge sinks and faucets are actually designed only for real chefs with numerous helpers standing behind to wash giant pans and pots, instead to consider size, you should focus on sinks and faucets made with quality materials and ergonomic design to enhance your cooking experience.

Following are some tips on how to pick quality kitchen sinks and faucets provided by top kitchen designers. These tips will help you to select durable fixtures without compromising the design of your kitchen.


Understanding Kitchen Sinks

Although stainless steel kitchen sinks are one of the greatest options, it is important to choose a quality one. If you can afford, choose a sink with the most stainless steel content you can purchase. Usually, the lower the gauge, the thicker is the steel. Hence, the average home sink gauge stainless is 21 and a very good quality sink can be 18-gauge. But if what you want is a really high-end kitchen sink, a 16-gauge stainless steel is wonderfully thick. Take note that the price for a 16-gauge stainless steel kitchen sink can be almost double.

Concrete sinks is another option to consider. They have been showing to be very durable, even when exposed to heavy use. Recently, a great number of people are opting for this type of sink, even those who tend to entertain and have caterers in their kitchens very often. According to designer specialist, a singe bowl sink provide both pro look and practicality for its user. Moreover, if you really cook a lot, one large sink bowl offers more flexibility than the traditional double sink that features disposal on one-side.

Focus on Quality Faucets

If you are looking for a faucet that looks good yet will last a long, then you need to pay close attention to the finish of the faucets. Chrome and brass finishing are not the number one choice anymore. Oil-rubbed bronze and satin nickel are the new trends. The satin nickel finish faucets feature a brown cast that’s clean looking and warm at the same time. The oil-rubbed bronze finish faucets offer superior quality to the brass. That because you don’t have the issue of tarnishing —and it looks great forever.

The fact that ‘just a faucet’ might cost hundreds of dollars tend to amaze people very often. However, take into consideration that the faucet is the item you use and touch most often in the kitchen. Hence, you really need a faucet that’s durable and of course, you like too.

Overall, don’t afraid to spend big dollars on quality kitchen sinks and faucets. It will pay off.


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