Expand Your Menu Options With Induction Cooking

Let’s be straightforward, offering broad menu options when you have the possibility to cook in a fully equipped commercial kitchen is not a big concern, but this is not the case when it comes to a mobile catering. It’s a fact that big number of the meals that you can prepare in your restaurant cannot be prepared when working off-site.


As usual, customers don’t mind if you have the conditions to make the meal they ask for. They just ask for it and wait for you to provide to them. Of course, in any business the customer is always right. For this reason, and for the good of your catering business you ought to look for reliable solution to expand your menu options.

Portable induction cookers are new cooking trend in both, commercial and domestic surrounding. When it comes to cooking off-site, this device is probably the best solution. Induction cookers are number one solution for many restaurant or catering business owners. This due to the fact that, with the use of portable induction cookers, the quality of the meals delivered with off-site cooking equals the quality of the food prepared in the commercial kitchen.

What Is Induction Cooking?

Induction cooking is a method of preparing food in special vessels that are heated by magnetic induction. The portable induction cookers, used for this cooking method, generate heat that is directly transferred to the special cooking vessels. The structure of the vessels and the power of the magnetic induction are the two factors that contribute for direct transfer of the instantly generated heat.

Main advantage of the use of portable induction cookers is their lightweight, compact design and easy portability. This means that this cooking device will be your superhero in preparing quality and tasty dishes outside your commercial kitchen, and with that to expand your menu options. Truth be told, the broader your mobile catering menu offer is, the bigger the success and revenue in your business will be.

Time and cost efficient commercial or home cooking, is what you’ll get with the use of this precise and controlled cooking method. You will no longer have to worry whether you’ll deliver the ordered food on time, nor be concerned about the quality of the food you prepare off-site.


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