Bodum Assam Teapot: Pros & Cons

Nothing can beat the sleek and modern design of the famous Bodum Assam teapot. This see-through glass design makes a perfect addition to every kitchen. You can forget about the mess you make while preparing herbal loose leaf teas. Brewing tea has never been easier thanks to the Bodum Assam teapot. It’s much cleaner and easier to handle this teapot when pouring tea in a cup. Tea leaves won’t fall off into your glass like they normally do with regular teapots. That’s because this innovative design comes with an infuser that holds tea leaves tight at the bottom of the infuser basket. Like many other things, this Bodum teapot has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s see which of the two prevails.



It takes a lot to diminish the beauty of this smart and elegant teapot. What makes this teapot so special is its heat-resistant borosilicate glass body and durable stainless steel infuser. The see-through glass allows you to witness the whole brewing process and determine the strength of the tea to your liking. It’s fascinating to see how tea leaves interact with the hot water and release their rich flavors to full bloom.

One of the reasons why this teapot is not as messy as the others, is the fact that you don’t have to remove the infuser when the brewing process is done. Instead you only need to press the plunger and pour as much tea as you want. Bodum manufacturers have perfected the French press feature and delivered the perfect Bodum Assam teapot.

Let’s not forget that this innovative design is quite easy to clean. You can either leave it in the dishwasher or rinse it with water. For those who didn’t know, Bodum teapot is microwave safe as well. You can place it in the microwave to warm the tea to your taste.


With so many advantages, who cares about those tiny disadvantages. Compared to other teapots, Bodum one is not able to keep the water hot for too long. If you care to drink the tea slowly, then you might find this model not so good.

It’s also recommendable to remove the infuser basket to prevent over-steeping. If not properly clean, this teapot might end up with some stains that will affect the taste of the tea.


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